Brigette Olender Letter of Recommendation

Please accept this letter of appreciation for helping me get my life back and feel free to share this letter. It is my hope that many, many people can be helped as I was and have their quality of life improved.

My journey began 13 years ago with severe heel pain. I've been treated by 14 physicians, mostly orthopaedic, with unsuccessful results and progressive worsening of my condition. Over the years I had many pairs of orthotics, X-Ray’s, MRI’s, physical therapy of every sort and surgery on my heel. Months of immobilization and recovery time, that included ultrasound and electrostimulation therapy. In order to carry out daily living activities I had to wear Orthaheel shoes and give up my beloved Nursing career. With constant pain, I could not even walk with my teens.

As a medical professional, I was frustrated and disappointed with all the guessing, tests and treatments, knowing that tens of thousands of dollars had been spent without any solution in sight.  My quality of life was impacted significantly, yet I was determined to not settle for a bottle of Naproxen & accept a "disability" mindset. I was sure most, if not all my challenges had something to do with my gait pattern, but my concerns were dismissed and no tests were recommended that could correctly diagnose what was really wrong.

My prayers were answered the day I found BioMotion labs on the web!!

After my gait analysis, the results were nothing short of miraculous! My gut instincts were right.  The report was like "gold" to my physical therapist and physical medicine and rehab doctor in developing a precise treatment plan.

Immediately my pain decreased and now is very rare, my body is straightening up after years of compensatory "twisting".  It is still hard to believe all of this improvement has happened in two short months! I now have renewed hope for living a full life, to return to work as a Nurse, to play with my kids and to walk my dog.

I just went on a trip with friends, and for the first time in many years could dance without pain. So, I danced for 4 nights straight, a dancing fool! So happy! I thank GOD for leading me to BioMotion laboratories and for the care and compassion of their staff.

I recommend BioMotion labs, their equipment, their professional staff, and their results to anyone at any time. My goal is to become involved with educating physicians on the value of 3D motion analysis to assist in establishing accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. There are many people like me who want their lives back – having the right information, at the right time will clearly lead to improved medical outcomes for patients, physicians and insurance companies. What are we waiting for?


Brigette Olender, RN, BSN, CEN

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