Letter of Appreciation on behalf of HM3 Loren Pigman

Some people measure a society's progress towards civilization by the technological advances it makes, but many authorities argue that civilizations are marked by the sacrifices the societies make on behalf of their most vulnerable citizens. One definition of Service is an act or combinations of actions that provides benefit to another.

In October 2005, Petty Officer Pigman, suffered severe combat injuries in Afghanistan while deployed in support of the Global War on Terrorism. During a firefight with the Taliban he was hit by enemy rifle fire on at least five occasions. His body armor protected him from the rounds that would have impacted his chest and abdomen, but he suffered severe and potentially disabling injuries from a wound to his knee. Since he returned home, you have cared for him, and his rehabilitation has been remarkable. Your generous and voluntary service to this sailor reflects the best in the American character and is the reason why we Americans can claim the blessings of a civilized society.

A few opportunists use the suffering of others as a chance to enrich themselves, but you have been selfless. I would like to express my appreciation to your organization, especially to Messer's Charles Filippone and Quinn Bond for the kindness and outstanding care they provided to Petty Officer Pigman. Their selflessness assures us that we are valued and you will never abandon us when our bodies are broken while combating our nation's enemies in far off lands.

It is my sincere pleasure to extend to you this token of my appreciation. Your dedication and loyal devotion to duty bring great credit upon yourselves and are in keeping with the highest ideals of American generosity and service to others.


E.M. Prezioso

Lieutenant Commander

Department of the Navy

Officer in Charge

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