Berkley Risk Administrators

Thank you for your efforts to improve access to motion analysis-based functional evaluation services for use in medically managing claims. It was a great pleasure working with you during your tenure as Director of Insurance & Risk Management for the County of Ocean from April 1994 until December 1998. I have valued your friendship over these many years.

With first-hand knowledge of the results of applying this technology, I am pleased to offer you this letter of recommendation to you. There is a clear need for early intervention with delayed recovery cases and for more a relevant FCE for return-to-work and fitness-for-duty – and motion analysis offered objective and quantifiable information to improve claim management.

I recall vividly our discussions with the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation department at the Medical School of NJ (UMDNJ) back in the late summer of 1994 which led to the adoption of motion analysis as a diagnostic tool with challenging cases and FCE’s. While we paid a premium ($800-1,000) for the services, we expected to see improved outcomes, more rapid return-to- work and a reduction in overall claim costs.  The following results validated our assumptions:

  • Claims per year reduced by 47% (down 276)
  • Total incurred ($) down 50% (down $564,945)
  • Lost work days reduced by 69% (down 1, 262 days/approx. $82,030)

I hope this information is helpful and wish you continued success. As you know, there is a tremendous need for greater access to these valuable diagnostic and functional evaluation services.

Please feel free to provide my contact information to interested parties who might want to speak directly with me regarding our experience.


Jackie Margadonna

Vice President, Claims

(609) 625-5544  x20

See PDF of Original Letter