Motion analysis enables sports medicine physicians, athletic trainers and coaches to raise the boundaries of human performance. Advances in technology, software and computer technology allowed for innovation in medical imaging. A three-dimensional approach to functional evaluation and analysis of human movement will play an increasing role in surgical decision-making, treatment planning, rehabilitation, prosthetics, orthotics, ergonomics and athletic performance enhancement.

Motion analysis measures movement and joint forces identifying even the smallest imperfections in technique or body mechanics that may result in pain or injury potentially impacting performance.

Dr.Kremchek, CincinnatiDoctors can review actual data with synchronized video in order to identify what factors may be contributing to injuries, such as poor technique or posture. With clinically relevant objective information appropriate diagnosis and treatment pathways can be planned. Watch how one physician utilizes motion capture to reduce the risk of injury.




runners-marathons-richmond-virginiaCoaches can use evaluation results to review individual or team weaknesses to identify areas for improvement by means training or targeted physical conditioning.





injury-prevention, biomechanics, motion-analysisAthletes benefit by seeing themselves in action as any challenges with technique, posture or positioning that may be limiting performance levels, causing pain or injury are identified. Motion analysis can be helpful for athletes suffering from overuse injuries by uncovering movement compensation strategies.





biomotionlabs gait and motion analysis services, FCE's, runnersHow does your golf swing compare to the professionals? Next time you are on the golf course or driving range and thinking about how you can play like a pro - consider the differences can be measured objectively so that you can understand the biomechanics of your swing motion. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have identified several biomechanical factors that separate professionals from amateurs.




injury-prevention, biomechanics, motion-analysisNew York University's Movement Laboratory has reconstructed Yankee closer Mariano Rivera's pitching motion to offer an animated 3-D look at how he appears before hitters. The video is part of an online feature, "Mariano Rivera, King of Closers".




injury-prevention, biomechanics, motion-analysis, performance-enhancementVolleyball - watch an animation of a player spiking a volleyball showing a plot of the height of the players pelvis.





biomotionlabs gait and motion analysis services, FCE'sNational Center for Health & Performance Development was opened in March 2011. The Gothenburg Sports Test Center in Sweden is part of the Department of Nutrition and Sports Science at Gothenburg University. Researchers, educators, students, coaches and clients will be daily partners incorporating sophisticated measuring equipment for strength, endurance and movement analysis.