Risk & Claims

Introducing a new claim triage tool to help you resolve cases.

Dealing with medically challenging claims? Multiple body areas injured? Looking for additional diagnostic or rehabilitation insight? Read how one large public entity reduced costs and improved outcomes.

Adjusters and Case Managers benefit by having critical information that will:

workers-compensation-claimsHelp prioritize claims that are outside treatment guidelines by identifying possible functional barriers to case resolution.

Reduce loss costs and lost work days.

Identify movement strategies or compensation patterns that may be delaying recovery.

Provide physicians with relevant clinical data for early, appropriate diagnosis and targeted treatment planning to enhance recovery for every injured worker.

Allow early intervention and closure on the right claims.

3D Motionprint® Functional Imaging’s unique protocols assist in putting rehabilitation efforts back on track and providing relevant medical information needed to establish an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Why order a 3D Motionprint® Imaging Evaluation?

With billions spent every year on unnecessary tests, procedures and surgeries, there is an urgent need for a more objective, relevant and cost-effective diagnostic approach to measure and assess true functional abilities.

Clinical motion analysis offers superior levels of objectivity and more medically relevant functional information, providing you and your physicians with timely and relevant information that:

3D-Motionprint-diagnostic-functional-medical-imagingProvides a clear, comprehensive and objective assessment of actual physical abilities.

Sorts out underlying biomechanical movement strategies or compensation patterns in cases where rehabilitation progress is not being achieved or when multiple body areas are involved in order to establish priorities and effective treatment plans. 

Improves medical management of complex and challenging cases that are not resolving such as this patients case.

Enhances the value of your IME reports with supporting objective, functional abilities performance data.

Order a 3D Motionprint® functional evaluation to:

Enhance patient recovery by assisting physicians with information on underlying medical or non-medical issues that may be limiting rehabilitation progress, when:

  • Treatment stalls and anticipated medical progress has not been achieved.
  • Patient complaints increase or reports condition is getting worse.
  • Treating physician would seek additional diagnostic tests.

3D Motionprint® incorporates the same advanced technology utilized by biomotionlabs gait and motion analysis services, FCE'sclinical and research laboratories, the motion picture and video gaming industry to capture, quantify and analyze human movement.

The result is a level of objectivity, accuracy and reliability of measurement that exceeds those provided by traditional functional evaluation services. In fact, instrumentation incorporated in our process has received FDA approval.

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3D Motionprint® Functional Imaging can also assist with injury prevention...watch this sports example to see how. 

Medical Management: Fact or Fiction?

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