The precise ways you move are as unique as your fingerprint.

Walk, run, bend, turn, lift and countless activities are performed every day and you do them with out thinking about them - your body has learned what it needs to do and just does it. But when activities of life, work or sport produce pain, your body is telling you something is wrong.

BioMotion is innovating medical imaging that moves with you and provides your physicians with relevant clinical information they can use to get you well!

While well known for its applications in the entertainment, gaming and virtual reality industries, 3-D motion capture technology has a long clinical  history for use in assessing a broad range of whole-body movement related characteristics. We are able to provide detailed insight into the potential  root causes of orthopedic injuries and disorders, guide appropriate treatment planning and reduce the significant medical and social costs associated with  chronic pain, disability, loss of productivity and impact quality of life issues.

BiomotionlabAdvances in instrumentation, analysis software and computer technology have enabled the evaluation and analysis of human movement to play an increasingly important role in surgical and non- surgical decision-making, treatment planning, rehabilitation,  prosthetics, orthotics, ergonomics and athletic performance as well as innovating functional capacity evaluations.