BioMotion Labs

Utilizes motion capture technology incorporating ground force reaction and electromyography instrumentation with NIH developed Visual3D biomechanics software, as well as, proprietary equipment and software.

Not all motion analysis is the same

Some facilities advertise “motion analysis” or “gait analysis” when they are using conventional videotaping equipment.

Research has shown that understanding movement on the transverse (or coronal) plane of the body is critical to managing many injuries and disorders.  Computerized, three-dimensional motion analysis synchronizes movement with kinetic or joint force measurements which is not routinely available in two-dimensional video analysis.

BioMotion Labs technology meets the requirements of the AMA CPT Code 96000.

biomotionlabs gait and motion analysis services, FCE'sWho would benefit from clinical motion analysis?

If you or someone you know is experiencing chronic orthopedic related pain, are having difficulty with activities of daily living, at work or participating in sports, or are in extended treatment without appropriate recovery, please call us to discuss how we can help at:

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